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Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray

Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray

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Use this Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray to provide the ultimate solution for preventing rust and extending the life of your valuable assets!

This Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray is an innovative rust removal solution that utilizes a liquid formula to completely remove even the most stubborn corrosion deposits from vehicle surfaces, and clears up extremely fast, quickly removing rust in just minutes. From metal tools and equipment to vehicles and industrial machinery, rust is a constant threat to the structural integrity and aesthetics of surfaces, and Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray not only removes rust, but also converts it into a stable protective layer that prevents rust from forming in the first place, making it a superior rust prevention method. It is a superior method of rust prevention.


 1.Immediate Rust Removal

GFOUK™ IRONFREE penetrates rust, scale and corrosion to remove dirt from parts and components in just minutes. It uses advanced rust conversion technology to chemically convert rust into stable iron compounds.

2.Wider range of applications

Dissolves red lead, white lead, tar, grease, carbon and graphite deposits. This rust removing spray not only removes fine rust particles from car parts, but also removes anything you want to remove from the range, such as door locks, faucets, bike parts and more. You can loosen rusted or frozen parts with 30% less torque than other penetrating oils. Just one spray quickly dissolves the area where dirt needs to be removed for a time-saving effect.
3.Super Concentrated for Enhanced Results

Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray is super-concentrated to enhance the application of the product, allowing you to minimize the amount of product used while getting the best results. The concentrated formula allows you to use 30% less product for twice the results! Saving you even more money.

4.Shorter and faster
Our Penetrating Spray is formulated with black technology and further upgraded from the original product, making it able to remove dirt quickly in a very short period of time, saving up to 30% of time compared to other products, and quickly dissolving dirt in just a few minutes.

5. Compact and easy to carry
As the product adopts the ultra-concentrated technology, it greatly reduces the size of the product to achieve the effect of easy to carry, and also saves your storage space.


  • Net weight: 30ml


  • 1 x Dobshow™ IRONFREE rust conversion spray
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